Key Features of Inspire Dropshipping

Why start your dropshipping in the Philippines with us

Sell on leading selling platforms in the Philippines

Our Inspire Dropshipping system can work with leading platforms in the Philippines. Staying true to the dropshipping business model. You sell, we pack and ship. We now support the following platforms: Shopify, Lazada, Shopee, Woocommerce and Messenger.

+1500 Easy Import Winning Products Warehoused in the Philippines

Choose, import and start selling a wide variety of high converting dropshipping products. You can easily add products from our suppliers to your store with just a few clicks.

Easy to Use Dropshipping Dashboard

The creators of Inspire are dropshippers themselves. As actual practitioners, Inspire team understands exactly what profit oriented and effecient dropshippers need.

Cash on Delivery

One of the most challenging obstacles that all online business owners face in the Philippines is the COD payment option. Inspire Dropshipping removes and shoulders the burden so you won’t have to. We allow you to focus on the crucial aspects of your business, while we handle the logistics of getting your customer their orders!

Transparent & Automated Order Tracking

Nothing sucks more than not knowing what to say to a customer when they ask for their order status and order tracking numbers. Inspire, automatically makes the tracking number to your shipments available directly after shipping out. In your dashboard, you can also monitor the shipping status of each orders so you can accurately update your customers.

Faster Shipping

When offering Cash on Delivery orders in the Philippines, customers tend to forget orders when it takes too long to arrive. Since we monitor our suppliers' warehouse for inventory tracking, we also rate them with the speed to which they send out order signals. Inspire also works with multiple courier partner that is picked strategically based on the order address --- avoiding ODZ orders.

Available Integrations

Inspire dropshipping integrates with the leading eCommerce platforms. Get started today

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Inspire? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. You may also visit our Help Center for more questions. You may also contact us directly, click here.

We created Inspired Dropshipping for anyone who wants to start online selling in the Philippines at a low cost. No inventory. Just focus on selling because we take care of order fulfillment.

Inspire integrates with Shopify and WooCommerce. So you will need to have your own online store hosted on either platforms.

Inspire only works with Shopify right now. But Woocommerce integration is currently being built.

Yes. Cash on Delivery is one of our major feature highlights. We believe that COD is the most preferred payment method in the Philippines and we offer this to our customers. We collect the payments in behalf of our customers and our doppshippers can cashout their profits anytime.