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What is Inspired Dropshipping and how does it work?

Inspire Fulfillment Solutions is an e-commerce service created to help entrepreneurs in the Philippines. It follows the dropship model, so no need to ever buy and store inventory.

Inspire provides dropshippers in the Philippines with high quality and affordably prices winning products so you can sell them to your customers with ease and with more profits.

We understand that Filipino buyers are particular with shipping speed and Cash on Delivery so we offer local suppliers to our dropshippers and we collect the payments via COD in behalf of our dropshippers.

To understand Inspire better, watch this video by the founder, Darwin Bustillo:

Inspire gives dropshippers in the Philippines access to thousands of winning products that are proven to sell (our founder is a local eCommerce multiple store owner himself). And with a few clicks, these products from trusted suppliers can be added to your store.

To use Inspire, you will need to have an online store hosted in Shopify (Woocommerce is in development). After you create your store, you can install our app to your Shopify store. (or WordPress Plugin — still in development).