Lazada / Shopee - Inspire Dropshipping

Lazada / Shopee

Start your Lazada/Shopee dropshipping business with Inspire

Follow the steps below to create a successful dropshipping store

Get access to the system dashboard for FREE!

  • You will be asked to select your platform (Lazada or Shopee)
  • Preferred Store Name
  • Product Categories in your store (1 Banner & 4 categories)
  • Store Color Scheme (Up to 3 colors)
  • Setup fee is 4,000 with a fully functional store with 1 store banner, 4 product catalog banners and 50 products based on your chosen product categories (on Lazada or Shopee)

  • At this point, you have already sent your payment for your store setup fee and the store has been turned over.
  • Now you will need to active your monthly subscription and select a package (refer to the pricing below) 
  • One the subscription fee has been selected and paid, Inspire will verify your payment and approve you once done. 
  • You are now ready to start accepting orders! 

  • Optimize your store
  • Run ads to your store (optional) 

Shopee / Lazada Pricing


  • Custom Lazada/Shopee Store
  • 90 Product Imports Of Your Choice
  • Zero Handling Fee
  • Email & Chat Support
  • Automated Order Processing
  • Free Full Lazada & Shopee Course Worth 7,499
  • Free Store Customer Support


  • Custom Lazada/Shopee Store
  • 120 Product Imports Of Your Choice
  • Zero Handling Fee
  • Email & Chat Support
  • Automated Order Processing
  • Free Lazada & Shopee Course Worth 7,499 ​
  • Free Store Customer Support


  • Custom Lazada/Shopee Store
  • Unlimited Product Imports
  • Zero Handling Fee
  • Email & Chat Support
  • Automated Order Processing
  • Free Lazada & Shopee Course Worth 7,499
  • Free Store Customer Support

Inspire Dropshipping Overview

Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription fee is non-refundable.


Payout for all dropshippers will be every Friday of the week after all remittances are cleared from the Sellers Center’s payout.

PLEASE NOTE: All new stores first payout will take 3 payout cycles from your first week sales.

  • Credit /debit card
  • Gcash
  • Bank Transfer

Each marketplace has a cost of 6,999 (no order processing) or 7,999 (with order processing). Meaning, the 6,999 is only good for 1 Lazada store, or 1 Shopee store.

Since the Inspire Dropshipping platform is not yet API connected with the Lazada, our system won’t register the orders when someone places it on your shop. So, we give you two options.

Option 1 (6,999): You are to process the orders at the end of the day by going in the order tab in your Seller Center and inputting the customer details Inspire platform (you can refer to the tutorial in the app for reference.

Option 2 (7,999): Our team will handle all of the order processing daily.

FYI – Our system will have an API connection by the end of December 2021 so all packages will be 6,999 as the orders will be automatically reflected in the Inspire Dropshipping system.

All renewal of subscriptions fees must be paid 5-days before the 30-day billing cycle. This will give our team ample time to review and approve the access to your store for the next 30-days.

Failure to comply may cause you to lose access to your store until the verification team can confirm your payout. Your billing cycle will not be adjusted.


  • Billing period is every 30th of the month.
  • Your payment should be on our before the 25th of the month
  • Your payment was late and wasn’t made until the 29th of the month.
  • Our team was able to verify your payment on the 3rd of the following month


This means you lost 3 days access to your shop and we will not be adjusting the billing period.

All disputes such as return items, shipping fee discrepancies and etc., is handled by Inspire.

Inspire will only allow returns for the following reasons;

-Wrong item served (with photos as proof)
-Damage item served (with photos as proof)

Refer the example and instructions down below on how to address the said concern with your customer.

Hello Mr./Mrs._______. We are glad to assist you with your concern. Please do the following to assist you better.

  1. Open your Lazada App and Go to Initiate Return.
  2. Once I accept your request, go to Return Orders View Details.
  3. Choose Shipment and select LBC.
  4. Present the Tracking Number sent to you by LBC as you drop off the item/s.
  5. Once we receive the item/s back, Refund will automatically credited to you as Lazada Wallet or as cash you can encash on any Lazada partners.

The store creation and will be turned over for a maximum of seven (7) working days).

You will be given a transition period to before your store is locked and you are required to active your store by making the first monthly payment.

This will give you an opportunity to get familiarized with the platform and make the necessary revisions on your store.

Once  you are ready, you will need to click the button labeled “Start subscription” in the dashboard which will ask you to make your first payment and active 30-day billing period will start.

Yes, you can use the “request product” and our team will try to source it from a local supplier and let you know the quantity available and the best price.

SKU means Stock Keeping Unit. It is an item-unique ID arbitrarily designated to any given item in your inventory as a reference method.

Alteration and editing of SKU is strictly prohibited.

Upon store turn-over you will receive an email from Inspire  including the full price list/cost of goods as your reference for pricing.

Order processing is part of the services offered by Inspire. We will be the one to do the picking, packing, and dispatching of orders.

If you have accidentally clicked on Ready to Ship on your Seller Center on mobile or desktop, Inspire will not be able to see it in the line of orders to be fulfilled. Possibility to lose the order and have penalties of Order Volume Limit (OVL) will be implemented by Lazada. Reach out to Inspire support if you have committed this error.

Yes! You can join campaigns and use marketing tools (such as but not limited to voucher, free shipping, and etc.) as long as you don’t sell below cost of goods. For Flash Sale participation, an email request to join must be submitted for approval with the Campaign Name and nominated product list.

The rate of returns (i.e., return to seller) must not exceed 15% (Lazada and Shopee) of the total orders.

“You can view and check summary of transactions on your Seller Center or on the Inspire SOA dashboard.”

No, we will be the ones the create a store for you.

No, all items don’t have a deep inventory.

Dropshippers can export and update products in bulk through the Batch Export and Batch Import under Manage Products. The desired template to be edited must be chosen.

  1. Go to Products > Manage Products.
  2. Click Batch Export.
  3. Select “Export Selected Products” (this will show your number of selected items) or “Export All Products” (choose all active).
  4. Choose which template you would want to edit and export in batch.
  5. Click Export File.
  6. Open Downloaded File and start editing.
  7. After editing, save the file as is.
  8. Click Batch Upload.
  9. Select Upload File and submit saved file.
  10. You can see progress under Task Status Column and you may update the file that fails and upload it again until you get successful report.

Inspire will send an email about the order/s with out of stock issue. Along with the email is the replacement for the out of stock item/s. Please be informed that you will be the one to coordinate with your customer/s regarding the replacement.

As we want you to experience hassle-free transactions, we are doing weekly replenishment.

NOTE: Imported goods arrive thirty (15-30) days after purchase order.

Yes, that is allowed. But, you will need to send those products to our warehouse. If you product doesn’t sell within 30-days of arriving to our warehouse, there will be storage fee to be applied.  You will need to apply as a supplier.

Yes! Whether or not you are a subscriber of Inspire, you can sign up to be an affiliate. You will earn 500 PHP for 6 months granted the referral is still an active user of Inspire.