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Catalog Price ₱173.25


1. Strong storage, S-shaped single dish rack design, multi-functional storage, beautiful and practical

2. Fashionable shape, swan tube shape design, using high-quality materials, concavity and convexity, professional processing, surface with four layers of anti-rust plating, smooth and bright, durable and stable

3. Bold and thick material, four layers of fine craftsmanship: thickened anti-rust coating, high temperature degreasing and decontamination layer, high temperature sealing anti-corrosion layer, acid-base integrated anti-rust layer

4. Two-layer design: a more user-friendly design, which can hold 17 ordinary household dishes, more than 20 bowls, and double-layer storage (the upper layer is a deepened V-shaped dish slot, the design is safer, the dishes can be drained easily, and the lower layer can be Push-pull drip tray design, easy to pull out and push, hygienic and clean when in use, easy to clean), to meet your needs for kitchen storage


  • Product packaging size: 45*26*12cm.
  • Gross weight 1.5kg
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Load-bearing capacity is about 40kg

Package Included:

  • 1*dish rack water tray;
  • 1*upper and lower dish racks;
  • 1*left and right support racks;
  • 4*B tube non-slip foot pads; 1
  • *cup holder+chopstick cage;
  • 1*installation accessories+small tools

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