3-N-1 MULTIFUNCTIONAL MOP - Inspire Dropshipping


Catalog Price ₱226.80


  1. 5 major characteristics: innovation design can be detachable, the appearance is high, the dry and wet separation is convenient, environmental protection materials are healthy, and the real materials are healthy.
  2. PP material, widening the large floor
  3. Thicken tubular, new high-quality PP plastic is created, which is more than mop in the market.
  4. Dilurate valve, configure two drain valves, washing and dewatering zone, uninterrupted, separately
  5. 360 degree towns rotation without dead ends
  6. Comfortable, soft glue, don’t hurt your hand.
  7. Ultra-fine fiber drag head, go to the stains,
  8. Elution dual-use, double bucket, save space is more convenient
  9. Double drain valve, dry water tanks, convenient


  • Packing Size: 26 * 26 * 46CM
  • Barrel Size: 20 * 22 * 36cm
  • Tract Size: 33 * 12cm
  • Mop Length: 132cm
  • Gross: 1.2kg

Package Included:

  • 1*mop
  • 1*Bucket 

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