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Crystal Lucky Money Fortune Tree

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  • Crystal energy is strong, commonly known as the stone of wealth. Crystal will affect material life and financial fortune. Therefore, it can greatly enhance financial fortune by arranging crystal with the position of home or office.
  • Money-spinning Tree-the magical treasure tree in legend. It is the essence of heaven, earth and the universe, which can produce infinite magic money on its branches. After being picked, it can be regenerated, inexhaustible and inexhaustible. It is the divine tree of China. In addition to the townhouse, at the same time can strengthen the magnetic field, so that you are full of luck,wealth and popularity,full of life and vitality.
  • The magic effect of the Tree of Recruitment:Crystal Tree of Recruitment is resonated by more than dozens of small magnetic fields,which produces a floating magnetic circle like a cloud of wind,which is quite suitable for the flow of wealth.In a home or office position,it would be magical to have a wealth tree.Natural crystals gather the earth’s aura for hundreds of millions of years.They have different magnetic fields and functions because of their different sizes and colours.
  • They can inspire the mind,calm the mind and have special energy.They can purify the body and have the effect of treating diseases and changing fortunes.They can gather wealth,ward off evil spirits and keep peace so as to make the body healthy and the marriage happy.It is one of the most suitable gifts for families to decorate their houses and improve geomantic omen for their relatives and friends.
  • Handicraft material:The whole material of the tree is all natural material.The prosperous tree basin and trunk are made of one-time moulded ecological resin.They have no odor and pollution.Branches are made of pure brass wire.The main and most characteristic are leaves.They are made of natural crystal amorphous gravel and hand-made.


1*Money Tree Decoration

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