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  • 100% natural ingredients: ginger, ginseng, fleece-flower root, grape seed oil, effectively prevent hair loss, provide nutrition for hair roots, repair damaged hair, and restore hair vitality.
  • Effectively promote hair growth and care, nourish hair follicles, inhibit oily hair roots, prevent dryness, and enhance the scalp’s ability to resist external stimuli. Unique hair conditioning function to make your hair thick and shiny
  • Applicable hair symptoms: hair growth is slow, hair is in urgent need of growth, lack of elasticity, dull and tangled hair, easy to break, rough and irritable, inflexible


Easy to use:

Each 100ml shampoo is mixed with 3ml essence, pour the mixed shampoo into the palm of your palm and rub it into foam, then gently massage the scalp with your fingers. Rinse your hair one last time. You will be surprised that your hair improves over time



Ingredients: water, sodium hyaluronate, plant extracts

Scope of application: all


Improve hair, nourish the scalp, accelerate hair growth, and prevent hair loss


Package Includes:

1 x Ginger Oil


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