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Kuto Remover

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Make Kutos Pay The Price!

A lice outbreak is the last thing you thought you’d be dealing with. You’ve tried all of those expensive (and harmful) chemical shampoos, and oils, yet the lice resist everything.  Introducing the Kuto Remover. The Stress-Free, allergy-free, head comb for children and adults. 

ATTENTION: We have limited stock so grab yours now before it is sold out. 

Stop A KUTO Infestation In Its Tracks!

Say Goodbye to licenitsfleas, and egg tracks. The Kuto Remover is designed to attract and catch parasites chemical free! The parasites are combed from the hair, sucked by the vacuum and transferred to the disposable filter. 

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? 100% Effective – The Kuto Remover eliminates 100% of lice and their eggs and prevents them from returning.

? Save Time and Avoid Mess – Chemical shampoos and electric zapping combs are harsh on the skin and scalp. The Kuto Remover uses it’s rounded, stainless steel-tooth comb and suction power to smoothly run across the scalp and gently lift lice and eggs 

? Easy To Clean – After each use, just remove the disposable Capture Filter, close the lid and dispose of the filter.

? Prevent Against Future Infestation – The Kuto Remover is very effective in detection and eliminating any stage of infestation. Use the Device regularly for good measure.

Environmentally Safe

Once your head (or your child’s head) is perfectly clean and healthy, you can remove the disposable filter and throw it safely in the trash.

Package Includes:
  • 1 x electric comb against lice (Anti-Lice Device™).
  • [BONUS] 3 x disposable capture filters.
  • 1 x power adapter.
  • 1 x user manual.

Shipping Times: 

Manila: 3-5 Days

Provincial: 5-8 Days 

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