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Magnetic Builder Toy Set

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This Magnetic Builder Toy is a great brain exerciser for kids and adults alike. It helps kids develop spatial skills and problem-solving abilities as well as logical thinking. It is a great alternative to mind-numbing electronics and games for keeping you entertained all day long, as it inspires creativity and cognitive development. It is also great for maintaining your concentration for those who have low attention spans. It provides a way to focus your thoughts and helps to relax the mind and relieve stress.


  • Versatile, Creative and Imaginative: Includes set of magnetic sticks and balls (63 or 126 pcs) which can be used to construct all kinds of different structures, shapes, and designs
  • Promotes Cognitive and Brain Development: Helps exercise the mind for kids and adults alike by developing spatial and problem-solving skills
  • Helps Maintain Focus and Concentration: Great tool for those with low attention spans and can divert the mind away from stress
  • Simple and Brilliant: Comes in only two shapes that can be magnetically connected for unlimited and endless construction possibilities
  • Makes a Great Gift for Kids and Adults: Excellent tool for keeping you entertained all day long


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