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Magnetic Mesh Screen Door

Catalog Price ₱59.85


  • Powerful magnet, fully closed state, no gaps, effectively block annoying mosquitoes, and does not block the line of sight, but also can maintain air circulation.
  • Installation is simple and quick.
  • Easy to disassemble.


  • Product Name: Magnetic Mosquito Curtain
  • Accessories: A drawing, 8 pairs of magnetic strips, 10 thumbtacks, 8 pairs of sticking
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Screen door

Product Include:

  • 1 mesh screen door

More details show

Magnetic design and increased vertical weight, the curtain can be closed automatically

Self-adhesive, Convenient for installation and disassembly.

Strong stickiness, no trace after disassembly.

Easy to make. Only need ruler, scissor and stapler.

Can use repeatedly disassemble, accept water wash.

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