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Portable Heavy Duty Air Compressor

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  • A mini air compressor is a small version of a portable air compressor. They have a small electric motor that compresses the air in a small attached cylinder tank.
  • This type of ultra-portable compressor can be plugged into a 12V car system for on-the-go repairs or inflation.
  • Usage: Sporting enthusiasts, drivers, campers, and bike riders can find an almost unlimited amount of use for a mini air compressor.
  • They can inflate bike tires, inflatable boats, or even car tires if you have a flat while driving.
  • Because they can be powered through a cigarette lighter in your vehicle, they are incredibly versatile and a lifesaver in some instances.Measuring tire pressure, inflating in one,With lighting


Colour: yellow

Material: plastic + metal

Size: 20cm*8.8cm*17cm

Working voltage: 12VMaximum

Pressure: 100 psicar

Charger line: 3M

Inflatable line: 0.8M

Package Includes:

1x Portable Heavy Duty Air Compressor

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