PRINCESS LIP STICK - Inspire Dropshipping


Catalog Price ₱165.90


  • 100% Brand New Makeup.
  • Silky smooth paste, improve lip lines, Moisturizing & nourishing.
  • Persistent don’t rub off, non-stick cup, eat bread or drink water after also won’t because lipstick is swallowed and feel a little embarrassed, makeup effect lasting.
  • Perfect gorgeous color creates beautiful shiny lip makeup, make each kind of lipstick color on the lips shine. Blossom and moving the beauty of the wonderful lip, interpretation, and elegant appearance of the eternal.


How to use:

  • Apply straight from the tube on clean, bare lips. Follow the natural line of the mouth, evenly covering the upper and lower lip. 


Package includes:

  • 1pcs * Lipstick 




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