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Quick Seal Flexible Rubber Coating

Catalog Price ₱336.00


  • Wise Goods AUTHENTIC Quick Seal Flexible Rubber Coating Spray
  • Various Problems- Always have self-spraying to repair leaks, emergency waterproofing, and prevention.
  • High Penetration- Without drier, natural dry solid penetration One spray leakproof, easy waterproof – After the film is formed, it does not leak water, wear-resistant and resistant. 360 no dead ends
  • Solve all kinds of base surfaces, no knock or no smash, penetrating waterproof.
  • Not affected by the environment- High polymer material with stable properties.
  • Fast curing without waiting for The surface dries quickly to 1 hour without affecting daily life.
  • Corrosion resistance and ageing resistance Put an end to the “water channelling” phenomenon caused by traditional waterproofing. Innovative Technology
  • Self-spraying waterproof coating construction is simple and convenient. Solve the problem of indoor and outdoor water leakage. Construction case Comparison
  • Let you more intuitively understand the difference


1*Rubber Spray Sealant

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