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Scratch Remover

Catalog Price ₱262.50


  • Removes surface scratches, swirl marks and cloudiness
  • Deals with all tones and wraps up
  • Applies like a flash – buff away
  • Extraordinary for vehicles, bicycles, vessels and apparatuses
  • BF Goodrich Carbopol EZ-3 (Carbopol EZ-3 is an enrolled Trademark of Lubrizol)
  • Ensures The Paint
  • Scratch-Dini causes scratch to vanish in short order!
  • Simple to utilize – simply apply to the scratch, delicately focus on it and buff away the scratch!
  • Incredible on cars, cruisers, bicycles, pontoons, machines with a lacquer finish and covered surfaces.
  • Safe on an assortment of surfaces – paint, porcelain and even chrome.

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