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ThermaLock™ Mini Portable Heat Sealer

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ThermaLock™ Mini Portable Heat Sealer

Wondering what to do with your leftover snacks? Why not save them for later! Being environmentally friendly and resourceful has never been easier! Our ThermaLock™ Mini Portable Heat Sealer is used to lock in the freshness in plastic bags and packaging. An unfinished packet of chips? This portable heat sealer easily seals the packet to prolong the freshness of your delicious snack. Leftovers from last night’s dinner? Lock ?in that food for later.

Cut down on plastic waste and save money – you’ll never buy sealable plastic bags again! Whether it’s chips, sweets, snacks or even last night’s leftovers, you can count on our ThermaLock™ Mini Portable Heat Sealer to reseal any plastic or aluminium bags, providing an airtight seal to keep the freshness of your food, veggies or fruits locked in to help you save big and protect the environment.

  • portable & simple – all you have to do is clamp down on the food container and run it across slowly to perfectly lock in the freshness
  • powerful airtight seal – simplereliable and effective way to seal or reseal food storage packs to create an airtight seal to prevent food from going stale
  • battery operated – it runs on 2 AA batteries that can easily be replaced
  • keep your snacks fresher for a longer time
  • preserves the food for a longer time
  • avoid wasting food and overeating
  • practical and time-saving
  • environmentally friendly – reduce your waste!

Battery: 2 AA batteries

(not included)

Size: 9 cm x 6 cm

Material: high-quality plastic, stainless steel

Package includes: 1 x mini heat sealer





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