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U-Shape Maternity Support Pillow

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This pillow is specially designed for expectant mothers during pregnancy. It can effectively relieve back pain, leg swelling, and ease insomnia. The high-quality fabrics we use are very skin-friendly, easy to clean, and very soft. The professional design allows pregnant women to sleep in a comfortable position.


  • SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT. Finally, get the rest you need to U Type Pillow Total Body Support Pillow. The U Type Pillow helps align your hips, neck, shoulders and back all while helping to regulate body temperature and enhancing circulation for a deep, restful sleep
  • PREMIUM SYNTHETIC DOWN. Cradle yourself in complete comfort with the U Type Pillow. Made of premium synthetic down with a 100% organic pillowcase, it is hypoallergenic, odourless, and offers relief from dust mites, giving you one less thing to worry about
  • FUSION FIBER-FILL. The synthetic down stuffing is a revolutionary material known to scientists as an “extended polymer”, which allows air to freely flow through the material while upholding its shape
  • CLEANS EASILY. Simply throw this pillow into a standard washing machine and dryer for an easy to clean, hassle-free body pillow. It will never clump, even after repeated washing, so you can look forward to long-lasting clean comfort.


Material: Cotton, Polyester

Colour: white, grey, blue, purple, pink

Size: 300*300*400mm


1*U-Shape Maternity Pillow

Flower Pink


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