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  • Products are using LED ultraviolet disinfection technology, one-button rapid disinfection, safe non-radiation, intimate care of your health.
  • The ultraviolet lamp can destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in Bacteria and Viruses, resulting in growth cell death and regenerative cell death for sterilization.
  • The Product will not be fully charged before delivery. It is recommended to fully charge the product before first use. Charging tie 2 hours, using time last about 2 hours.
  • Disinfection of household goods/household appliances / daily necessities is recommended at a close distance of 3 cm. Hold the sterilizer back and forth for 2 seconds;
  • Household items such as toilets, bedding, crawl mats, cribs, pet supplies, pet living environment are all suitable;
  • Equipped with portable box, travel light and portable, with your safety messenger;
  • Books and documents, cosmetics disinfection, disinfection of life easy.


UVC Disinfection Lamp wavelength: 260-280nm

Irradiance: <454hm/m2

Number of LED lights: 2 pieces

Product size: 132*32*16mm

Package Includes:

1 x UV Sterilizer

Real shots of the product

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