Sell your products directly to our dropshipper network in the Philippines

Grow your distribution channel and expand your business by connecting with hundreds of online retailers. Dropship with Inspire and our dropshippers will sell your products for you.

The perks of becoming an Inspire Supplier

A fast and easy way to sell your products online

Inspire integrates with Shopify, Lazada, Shopee and even Facebook Marketplace. This allows product import to be done in a few clicks --- same goes for order and inventory sync. You may upload your products in bulk via CSV to our system so our dropshippers can access them and import to their online stores.

Sell your products to hundreds of online sellers in the Philippines

Inspire Dropshipping has a growing number of dropshippers selling in the Philippines. Let's put it this way, becoming an Inspire Supplier is like having hundreds of sales staff to sell your products online.

Easily manage your existing retailers

Do you already have retailers that buy your product and sell them for a markup? They can become an Inspire dropshipper where they can easily import your products to their store, track orders, manage inventory and book orders with convenience. You also earn commissions for every user you refer to Inspire Dropshipping

Leverage an automated system

Whether you are planning to work with Inspire as a first time supplier or as a seasoned supplier for dropshipping, the automated Inspire Dropshipping system will take major loads off of your manpower and time. Let our system do the heavy lifting for you.

Suppliers earn in 3 simple steps

Upload Your Products

Upload your products to the Inspire Supplier Dashboard.

Publish Your Products

Publish the products you want to sell. Inspire users will be able to import your products

Fulfill Orders & Get Paid

Once orders start coming in, ship the orders. Suppliers payments are remitted weekly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Inspire Suppliers? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. You may also visit our Help Center for more questions. You may also contact us directly, click here.

Payouts are remitted weekly to your bank information. Full details on the payout scheme is discussed in details on the terms of service document during the application process.

Yes. With Inspire dropshipping, your new product uploads, inventory and orders will become seamless with your sellers. You will also earn referral commissions for every user you bring in as a dropshipper in the platform.

Whether you import products from outside the Philippines to sell to retailers in the Philippines or manufacture products to be sold locally, our network of dropshipper can help you expand your markets and online sales.

Expand your distribution channel by leveraging our network of online retailers in the Philippines

Let Inspire Dropshipping kickstart and level up your eCommerce business in the Philippines

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